How to Help a Disorganized Housemate

When you’re living with a housemate who’s less than tidy, it can be a challenge to stay organized. However, with some great custom closets in Long Island and a few tips that encourage organization in your housemate, there’s hope for an uncluttered living space. Lead by example Rather than confront your housemate and demand they […]

Sell Unwanted Items at a Garage Sale Before the Holidays Start

If you’re thinking about , then you should consider holding a garage sale in order to sell some of your unwanted items. We recommend holding your garage sale before the holidays come around. There are a number of reasons why you should hold a garage sale before the holidays hit. First of all, you’ll want […]

Sophistication and Organization in the Home Office

A home office can be a space of grandeur or evolve purely for function. Reorganizing a space in your home can be practical, as well as aesthetic. Taking a spare room and turning it into a masterpiece can offer not only a room in which to work, but also a place to absorb culture. With […]