Clever Ways to Transform Your Garage Into a More Useful Space

Your garage can be one of the most overlooked, underused spaces when you only access it as a catchall storage space. By organizing your garage in Long Island with shelves, cabinets, zones and clever ideas, you create a far more useful, functional space. Create zones The garage is often a multi-function space and creating zones […]

Putting Items in Storage is the Perfect Time to Tackle Decluttering

Putting items in storage can feel like a quick solution for getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home, but sometimes it’s better to eliminate items before moving them somewhere out of sight. Before you put those items in storage, ask yourself a few questions to see if you should keep them or toss them. […]

Clear Problem Areas Completely to Get a Handle on Organization

If you find that every time you clean your house, you’re addressing the same areas repeatedly, it’s time to do some serious clearing out. While custom storage solutions give you ways to organize items, sometimes problem areas just have too much stuff to stay clean. Make cleaning easier For that problem area of your house where […]

Statistics That Will Make You Want to Get Rid of All Your Unnecessary Clutter

When you start getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home, you quickly realize how much stuff you own. The following surprising statistics show that you’re not alone and help put in perspective the amount of purging you need to do. Never enough storage According to the New York Times, for the past 40+ years, offsite […]

Change Your Perspective on Your Home With Organizing

If your home feels congested and cluttered, you can gain a new perspective through organization. With tidying tips from Marie Kondo, the best-selling author “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and a custom closet designer in Long Island, your home and life will feel more open. Keep what inspires joy When you’re sorting through items, hold onto only […]

Tips to Help You Keep Your Home in Order Year-Round

Eliminating unwanted items is an essential part of home organization, but once that’s done you need a way to organize and store the remaining belongings. Organizing your home is easy with some simple tricks that help stash things out of sight while still knowing where to find them. Power of hooks Wall hooks are powerful tools […]

A Simple Strategy to Keep Clutter Out Before You Buy It

When you need to upgrade or replace items, you don’t often think about what’s involved with getting rid of them someday, but you should. While some items stand the test of time, others wear out fast. Before buying something new, remember the process involved with getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home. Furniture Buying new furniture […]

You Don’t Need to Keep Gifts You Don’t Like, We Promise

Sometimes it feels like getting rid of clutter in your Long Island Home is never-ending. However, when you follow some helpful decluttering rules regularly, it’s easier to stay organized. Guilt-filled gifts Everyone keeps certain items out of guilt because they were a gift from a relative or an inherited collection of things like salt and […]

Give Your Mind Some Breathing Room With These Organization Strategies

With upcoming spring weather, you’re going to want to spend more time outside in the sunshine. Now is the perfect time to organize to improve your life and streamline your routine to remove clutter from your life and your Long Island home. Prioritize Stave off procrastination by prioritizing the most important tasks you need to accomplish. […]

Fight Your Brain’s Need to Fill Your Home With Junk

It can be a challenge getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home when you keep bringing more items in. If you struggle with impulse purchases, follow these helpful tips to train your mind to stop filling your home with junk. Avoid the store traps Stores lead you into temptation purchases, but you can […]