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When you “Like” Custom Closets on Facebook you will start learning more about how you can organize your space, take better care of your clothing and a whole lot more. What are you waiting for?The loyal readers of our blog love to see the latest posts delivered to their news feed on Facebook. You know […]

A Custom Home Office can fit anywhere!

Many homeowners think they can’t have their own home office because either that means an expensive home addition project or creating an inefficient mess in your living room or kitchen. But the truth of the matter is, whether you live in tight quarters or a sprawling mansion, there is always room for an efficient custom home office. […]

A Beautiful White Home Office

Home offices can more than often be treated like utility rooms. Void of style, color and design, these rooms are never a pleasure to enter because you are always focusing on the chore or duty that must be done. But what if you entered into your home office and was overwhelmed with bright white interiors […]

Establishing Zones and Proper Placement in the Home Office

In your office, whether at home or at a business, there is should always be a specific place for everything. When designing your office space, make sure that you establish activity centers. If you want an efficient office space, it should be zoned into three activity areas: 1. Work Center: this includes a clear workspace, […]

The Benefits of a Custom Home Office

Does your job offer you the chance to work from home, yet you never take them on it because you don’t have a home office? If so then we recommend that you create a space in your home for an office using a spare guest bedroom or bonus room. The addition of a home office […]

4 Reasons Why you Should Call Us for a Custom Closet

If you’ve ever given the idea of adding custom closets to your home to aide with organization any thought we encourage you to keep hashing it out. To make you decision easier we are going to take on the step of finding the right company for you. Custom Closets Direct is the best provider of […]

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Are you tired of looking all over the house for DVDs and Blu-ray discs when each and every time you’re ready to watch? Have you grown weary of changing out the various gaming and DVD systems whenever you want to use a different one because they all can’t fit in your current media center? If […]

Fun Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Closet

Can you think of a long list of things you would rather do instead of cleaning and organizing your closet? Most people can come up with a few things to do in place of cleaning, but it must be done. If it takes you awhile to begin cleaning and your mood suddenly shifts it’s time […]