Great Design Ideas for the Pantry

Any home cook or busy parent knows that maximizing kitchen storage options is the premiere way to keep the room organized. A kitchen pantry provides you with plenty of space for storing extra dry and canned goods, spices and kitchen supplies. Whether you are creating a new pantry space, making over a butler’s pantry, or revamping a pantry closet, […]

Closets and Pantries Gone Wrong

You may not have the biggest or most organized closet, but chances are, every now and then you get around to straightening it up. Even though it may not last long in its organized state, you rest assured that you will get around to organizing it once again. However, when you have a poorly designed closet, it […]

A Well Planned Pantry Makes Holiday Cooking A Cinch

Whether you are a seasoned chef, or an eager beginner cook, maintaining a well planned pantry will go a long way toward making your holiday cooking a cinch. The article, “Organized Pantry: Beginner Guide to Pantry Pride” by Cynthia Ewer, editor of ‘Organized Home’, copiously defines how you can quickly and efficiently organize your pantry […]

Get Creative in the Kitchen with a Chalkboard Pantry

If there is one thing that Custom Closets Direct is sure of, it is that homeowners love to get creative when it comes to storage solutions. Sometimes that creativity can be a bit misguided, hence they call us, but in other cases their creativity can be right on target. Have you ever considered adding a chalkboard to […]

Have you Organized your Pantry yet?

The spring season is still here so there is plenty of time for you to get that pantry cleaned and properly organized before the summer arrives. During the winter time we tend to stock up on a lot of items that we may not end up eating. The first step to cleaning out the pantry […]

How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

On average, how long does it take you to locate the specific item you’re looking for in your pantry after you open it? Chances are if it took longer than a minute your pantry is clutter. And whenever you a vast amount of clutter it means it time to get organized. Because you we are […]