Holding on to Items Just in Case? Here’s How to Defeat That Mindset

When you keep tidying your home only to discover that the clutter is still overwhelming, you may be holding onto too many things “just in case.” Defeat that mindset with helpful tips and a custom storage solutions designed to make your life easier. Eliminate the “just in case” mindset Perhaps you hold onto items because […]

Putting Items in Storage is the Perfect Time to Tackle Decluttering

Putting items in storage can feel like a quick solution for getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home, but sometimes it’s better to eliminate items before moving them somewhere out of sight. Before you put those items in storage, ask yourself a few questions to see if you should keep them or toss them. […]

Add a Custom Closet to Your Child’s Room

Have you found yourself running out of place to put your child’s’ clothing? Are the drawers overflowing, and the closet bulging because you’ve managed to cram 3 times the amount of clothing in it than it can handle? If so then it’s time to install a custom closet in your little one’s room by Custom […]

5 Unique Storage Ideas for Large Bed Linens

Folding and storing large comforters, quilts and blankets can be a pain. They are often too long, wide and thick to be folded and just too large to stuff into tight linen closets. But with the cold winter weather in full force, it is a must that these bedding essentials be handled in a manageable […]

Custom Built-In Wall Unit by Custom Closets Direct

At Custom Closets Direct we can build you the perfect custom wall unit to maximize your storage. Our storage and closet designs are innovative and custom tailored to suit your needs. This below custom built wall unit has taken center stage in this room. Our closet design experts made the most of the space surrounding […]

Add storage space with our wardrobe unit

For many in the Long Island, New York area, closet space is nonexistent. The older homes in the area typically have standard reach-in closets with no room for expansion. If you are looking for more space consider adding a wardrobe unit. Doubling as a dresser and closet, a wardrobe unit can greatly increase the storage […]

Combining Dressing Rooms and Master Bathrooms

We are finding that more and more clients are looking to expand their closets or create a dressing room. In older homes it is sometimes difficult to find the space for expansion so dressing rooms are often showing up in master bathroom suites. Take a look at these mixed dressing room/bathrooms we found. To learn […]