5 iPhone Apps to Help You Clean Your Home

Do you do everything with your iPhone from paying bills, surfing the web, calculating tips, playing games, listening to music, and of course making calls? What if you could tidy up and organize your home from your iPhone? Well you can’t actually download an app that will physically clean your home, but there are some available to help you stay on track when cleaning and organizing.

Chore Hero
  1. Custom Hypnosis: House Cleaning Edition, $1.99 This app uses suggestive music to “hypnotize” you into cleaning the bathroom, doing your laundry and dusting. The theory is that if you’re relaxed, you’ll clean more.
  2. HomeRoutines, $5 The organizing to-do list helps you keep up with cleaning by allowing you to type out your chores,  separate them into morning and evening tasks, create reoccurring to-do lists and create custom daily lists. It even rewards you with gold stars once you complete them.
  3. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule, $.99 Basic to do list that breaks down cleaning projects into smaller tasks, while remembering the last time your performed a specific task.
  4. Green Shine, $1.99 This app provides green cleaning solutions for every household task. It tells you how to make the cleaner, how to clean with it and where you should test it at. (Lite free version available)
  5. Chore Hero, $2.99 Is your family competitive? Chore Hero makes cleaning a friendly competition by allowing you to assign tasks to various members of your family. As each person finishes their chores they get awarded points, at the end the winner is named the “Chore Hero.”

Have you ever used an app to help you stay on top of cleaning your home? If so which one do you suggest?

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