A Simple Tip to Make it Easy to Get Rid of Old Clothes

Living in the Northeast means a closet full of clothing for warm and frigid seasons, which takes up valuable space. With some de-cluttering tips and the help of a custom closet designer in Long Island, it’s easy to make room for every season’s wardrobe.

custom closet designer in Long Island.Discard bag

Chances are that when you’re looking through your closet for an outfit, you come across items you no longer wear. When you keep a discard bag handy, you can easily place those clothes in it; once the bag is full, donate them. The bag can be plastic, a reusable grocery bag, or even mesh, whatever works best in your closet.

Decision to donate

Deciding what to donate is difficult, but if you’ve tried on the same item repeatedly and discarded it because you didn’t like the color, shape, fit, etc., it’s time to donate it to someone who will wear it. Hanging on to clothing that’s too small or that you feel bad donating because it was a gift wastes valuable space and prevents you from updating your wardrobe with items that are more your style.

To reorganize your wardrobe, contact Custom Closets Direct, your custom closet designer in Long Island.

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