Clear Your Home of Unwanted Toys Before the Gifts Start Flowing In

Amid your crazy holiday shopping you might have forgotten that all those new toys and gadgets will need places to stay in your already overcrowded house. Getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home with some tips from is a great way to prepare for the impending gifts of the season.

Designate volume

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of toys that can accumulate in playrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms over time. Help avoid this problem by designating a set volume of toys that reasonable fit in your home. Set up certain times to go through toys and decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones can go.

Pre-holiday toy purge

The holidays are often when a large number of toys enter the home all at once. By getting rid of clutter in your Long Island home ahead of time, you’re certain to have ample space. Schedule a pre-holiday toy purge with your children to clean out toy areas and get rid of outgrown clothing. To avoid confusion, arrange toys in piles by type or age range.

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