Create a Craft Room

By now you are probably in the throws of gift wrapping all of your presents. As you probably know, it can be quite a task getting everything organized for the wrapping process. You have to find the right scissors, the gift wrap you have left over from last year, the double sided scotch tape, not to mention all the bows, ribbons and gift cards. For many it pretty exhausting running around the house trying to locate all of the proper materials needed.

How about some help? No, we won’t come over and do it for you, but we can help you get organized so that everything is in its proper place at all times. We can even build you a craft room to help store all of your bits and pieces. How about a custom built desk for you to sit and wrap your presents with a slot for you tape, scissors and gift wrapping accessories? We can even custom design a place for all of your wrapping paper with divides for each holiday.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

If a whole room is too large for you then we can create a little storage nook to perfectly fit into the rest of the design of your room. The niche can have drawers and cabinets as well as shelving for any of your other crafts such as scrapbooking materials.

In you are in Long Island, New York and would like for Custom Closets Direct to create storage solutions for your home then give us a call at 888-355-5237 and schedule a FREE consultation.

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