How to Quickly Organize a Closet for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and that means family and friends coming over to your house to enjoy a delicious meal. Unfortunately, that also means people with coats coming into your home and potentially opening your coat or linen closets. If you thought that closet space was a safe area to ignore as you completed your thorough cleaning of your home in anticipation of having company, it might end up backfiring on you.

Make your closets look a little better with these three easy tips:

  • Don’t keep your dry cleaning bags. Your clothes look so much better free of all that plastic.
  • Wire hangers aren’t good for the shape of your clothes and they are an eyesore. Throw them out and invest in better quality hangers. People may not comment on it, but they’ll notice how much better their coats look in your hall closet while they are using better hangers.
  • Closets are easy catch-alls for anything in the house that doesn’t have a place. Make sure you de-clutter it in time for company.

These are easy fixes. If you want a really effective and beautiful closet in your Long Island home, give us a call today at Custom Closets Direct.

Source: Ten Quick Closet Organizing Tips for the New Year: Part One
Photo Credit: TALUDA on stock.xchng

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