Tips to Get Your Whole Life Organized

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Although it may take some effort to get organized, once you have decluttered, it is easy to stay organized. Follow these home organization tips to make a lasting difference to your day-to-day living.

  • Reorder your computer files. Download an application that will automatically organize your computer desktop for a neater appearance. Move on to the rest of your files by placing them in logically named folders and sub-folders. At the same time, make sure you back up all important information.
  • Declutter your bedroom. If you have a lot of clutter, purchase furniture that includes built-in storage and install shelves reaching high up the walls.
  • Rearrange the kitchen. Keep items close to where you use them, and clearly label containers holding food and condiments.
  • Clear out your purse or briefcase. Get rid of items that have found a home in your purse or briefcase that you never use. Then, divide your purse into different sections for things you do need. You could have one section for phones and PDAs, another for money and cards, and a final section personal care items.

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